Niall Horan is a busy man. The One Direction member co-wrote a song with McFly that has been decribed as "stadium epic" by that band's bassist Dougie Poynter. Whoa!

On which act's album the song will end up is TBD at this point, but Poynter is hoping it ends up on the third 1D record, as opposed to McFly's next platter.

"It hasn't got a title at the moment but we wrote the song with Niall," Poynter said. "He's got some good ideas so had a lot of input."

McFly have history with 1D, as singer Tom Fletcher wrote 'I Would' and 'Irresistible' on 'Take Me Home.' If this ends up being a 1D song, we'll go ahead and say now that we are glad Niall is participating so actively in the songwriting process. Even so, the next 1D record is a long way's off.

And in other 1D news, the adorbs Louis Tomlinson was filmed picking up his sister Phoebe, 8, from school in Doncaster on Monday, March 18. It’s for the 1D3D film, 'This Is Us.'

When LT arrived, Phoebe was a little embarrassed, since about 40 of her schoolmates were following them. And she was stuck wearing her school uniform. That's what happens when your big bro is in 1D.

Price to the less!

LT also visited his 90-year-old great grandmother Olive Rothery while at home as well.

Tomlinson's mom said, "She's 90 and she's not been to the cinema for years. She was a natural for the cameras and said she'd never been in a movie. She says she'll go and see it when it comes out."

We. Cannot. Handle It! Love that a 1D great-grammy will be hitting a British multiplex to see the boys.

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