Directioners and 5SOS Fam, both Niall Horan and Calum Hood have gone shirtless recently. Whose buff bod do you like more?

Niall Horan stripped off his shirt in One Direction's 'Steal My Girl' video, and while the above screen shot is actually from one of the teasers (aka the first time we freaked out about it), the actual video itself offers even more shirtless shots of Niall. While he does wear a baggy robe in the vid, he shows hints of skin here and there and Directioners have been losing it. Work it, Niall!

5 Seconds of Summer gave us the gift of the above shirtless shot of Calum Hood, tweeting the photo yesterday (Oct. 23). Calum has no problem flaunting that six pack and his multiple tattoos, staring at the camera with a fixed expression on his face. There's no doubt that the 5SOS Fam had a field day with this one -- Calum looks seriously smokin'.

Whose shirtless bod do you like better? Cast your vote for Niall Horan or Calum Hood in the poll below!

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