Over the past couple of years, Twitter has quickly grown into the go-to social network to get news straight from celebrities. Like many people their age, teens Niall Horan of One Direction and Justin Bieber are avid Twitter users, often interacting with their loyal fans through the site. So, regardless of your Directioner or Bielieber status, who do you think is the better tweeter, Niall or the Biebs?

Being the heartthrobs that they are, Niall and Justin have a lot of admirers on Twitter, so they use the power of tweets to give thanks for all of the love and support. On July 23, Horan tweeted at fans of the 'What Makes You Beautiful' quintet: "Guys its been 2 years today since we were formed, its been incredible so far, its all down to you guys! Love you all soo much ! Thank you." Horan also gives updates on his daily doings for the most hardcore of followers, writing silly thoughts, sharing photos of him and his 1D bandmates, and talking topics of interest like sports and movies.

Same goes for Bieber, who is very active on Twitter with all of his coming and goings. Most recently, he shared the news that 'Kill Bill' actor Michael Madsen would be co-starring in his new video and thanked his fans for supporting his new single. But it gets much better. Bieber also tweets pics of himself with famous friends like Chris Brown and his girlfriend Selena Gomez, as well as photos of his super cute siblings Jaxon and Jazzy.

Check out some of Niall and Justin's Twitter activity and cast your vote (once per hour) for the singer who you think is the most fun to follow on the social networking site.

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