Nick Cannon knows what it takes to be 'Famous,' and in his new single, which features Akon, he explains just how it's done.

"When the beat drops show 'em you a superstar," Cannon instructs in this up-tempo dance hit. The 30-year-old father-to-be goes on to outline just what you need to do to trick people into thinking your name is in lights, and he lays it out in the chorus -- jump by jump:

"Scream, scream like you're famous / Jump, jump like you're famous / Shake, shake like you're famous / Dance, dance like you're famous / Drink, drink like you're famous / ... like you're famous / ... like you're famous / Over, b---- I'm famous"

If your dream is to be a star, follow Cannon's lead. 'Famous' is not only the first single from Mr. Mariah Carey's forthcoming musical comedy album, 'Mr. Showbiz' -- it also acts as the theme song for his upcoming stand-up comedy special, which airs May 14.

Actor, comedian, musician, father to twins ... Is there anything Nick Cannon can't do?

Listen to Nick Cannon, 'Famous' Feat. Akon