You can't ridicule Nick Cannon's rhyming skills, because he already knows he's wack. That's the premise behind Cannon's new song 'I'm So Wack,' taken from his upcoming mixtape 'Child of the Corn.'

"Yeah, I suck, kinda like lipo," Cannon admits. Despite the song's comedic leanings, its lyrics are explicit and fierce, as Cannon argues that he's cool with being uncool.

"Everytime you call me wack, n---- I get paid," he brags. "Everything that I do, you ain't ever done it, so what's that make you?"

Cannon states the song's title repeatedly in a defeated voice over a simple hip-hop beat that is so wack it reaches back to the '80s to incorporate heavy use of scratching.

Just in case the song isn't enough to convince you the former Nickelodeon star is wack, check out the accompanying artwork, which depicts Cannon as an orange clown who desperately needs a hug.

'Child of the Corn,' titled in acknowledgment of Cannon's corniness, is expected to see a release next month. Cannon and his not-so-wack wife Mariah Carey are expecting twins in May.

Listen to Nick Cannon, 'I'm So Wack'