Forget Bieber Fever -- Nick Carter's temperature is rising. The Backstreet Boy just released a video for his new single, 'I'm Burning Up.'

The clip features Carter in a black-lit club (his teeth are so white that for a second in the beginning, they actually glow). He starts out in a striped hoodie getting ready to hold down the deejay booth, then appears dressed to the nines. Later, he dons little more than the glowing paint after a few drinks, two rap verses and a lot of dancing.

Carter spoke to Ace Showbiz about his video. "Throw a bunch of paint on half-naked people, put a great rapper in the mix and dance your a--- off to a hot track and you get 'I'm Burning Up'." We think that sums it up pretty well!

'I'm Burning Up' will appear on Carter's upcoming album, 'I'm Taking Off.' The track is the second recent Backstreet Boy solo single. In October, fellow member Howie D. released 'If I Say' off his upcoming solo album, 'Back to Me.'

The single is a good way to gain buzz not just for Carter's solo record, but also for the upcoming Backstreet Boys reunion dates. The Boys will perform on their annual Caribbean cruise (with Kevin Richardson!) this winter and a European tour with New Kids On the Block this spring.

Watch the Nick Carter 'I'm Burning Up' Video