The Season 1 finale of DirecTV show Kingdom ended with the revelation that Nick Jonas' character Nate might be gay. And according to Nick, Season 2 will further explore Nate's struggle with his sexuality.

In an interview with E! News, Nick said, "It's all happening. He has a lot of layers to him and he's trying to figure out exactly who he is."

He continued, "It's tough because he's living and working in a really macho world and I think he's just trying to figure out where he fits in, in being who he is. So it is a struggle and I'm trying to tell the story as honestly as possible with as much depth as possible."

Nick didn’t reveal much in the way of future Kingdom sex scenes, but he did say that “it’s less about romance than it is about human needs. That’s the best way to describe it.”

Nick also discussed the marked difference in his physique for Season 2’s story arc. He said, "Last year, I tried to put on 15 pounds of muscle from where I was. But the storyline for the character this year is he goes down a weight class. I actually had to lean up—keep muscle, but keep it lean and more explosive, more athletic muscle than size. I'm not eating as much as I was. I was probably eating 5,600 calories a day. Now, it's probably closer to 2,000 calories a day."

The former Jonas Brother also talked about his upcoming performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, where he's set to play his new single "Levels" live for the first time ever. He said, "I've got something really special planned for that. I did some funny promos on the MTV Snapchat with the Moon Babes. So there may or may not be some Moon Babe situations incorporated into my performance."

You can check out one of those "funny promos" in the video below.

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