Nick Jonas' "Levels" made its live debut mere hours ago at the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show — though so much happened tonight, it frankly feels like that was 12 hours ago. If you're in love with the funky Usher-esque stomper you're in luck, because he just released the official video, too.

The clip opens with a hot model working a sledgehammer like some phallic lever that's not attached to anything, while Nick sings with three dancers stretching behind him. He rides an elevator (Levels! Like floor levels! Get it?) and then he croons as the dancers vamp and that model continues to work away at her lever-hammer. Suddenly Nick is standing on a glass floor — and before you can wonder if those rusty tin drums supporting it are full of toxic sludge, he starts breakdancing on top of it.

What can't Nick do?! (via YouTube)

Watch the "Levels" video above for more of Nick's dancing (both with and without a sexy partner), intermittent shots of ping pong balls tumbling down stairs, and so many shots of Nick Jonas looking white-hot in various jackets. If it's missing anything at all, it's the presence of those VMAs Moon Babes.

Nick's currently writing and recording his sophomore solo album, and this week he revealed one unexpected collaborator: Corin Roddick, half of the ethereal electronic duo Purity Ring. He also announced on Twitter that he'd joined this year's Miss America pageant as the music curator. He's a Renaissance man, basically — there are levels to this.

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