Nick Jonas has new ink, and it's located in a very prominent place on his body.

No, it's not his neck or his forehead or knuckles. Rather, the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers has tattooed the word "Mercy" in swirly black script on his forearm. Nick, who just turned 20 last month, shared an image of his new artwork on Twitter.

Young Nick didn't offer much in the way of backstory about why he chose this particular word to tattoo on his forearm, save for captioning the image with "Mercy Forever." Well, yeah. A tattoo is forever, so Mercy is indeed forever in this case.

We must admit, it is a pretty script and it is a powerful word that has a lot of meanings. We look forward to his explanation of what motivated this ink, or coming up with our own interpretations about why he selected this word.

Perhaps it could tie in to the new Jonas Brothers album?

The band previewed the new song 'Wedding Bells' last week when they performed at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

PopCrushers, tell us what you think of Nick Jonas' new tattoo. Do you like it? What do you think is the meaning behind it? We're all about fan fiction.

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