Between joining 'The Voice' as a mentor, playing the role of Nate Kulina on the drama 'Kingdom' and recording a studio version of the gospel version of 'Jealous,' Nick Jonas seriously has his hands full. Okay, so that last one is just wishful thinking on our part, but we will forever hope it comes to fruition one day.

The point is, you wouldn't think he has any time left over to take on another project. But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Nick is set to star in the upcoming Ryan Murphy series, 'Scream Queens.' Joining the ranks of Ariana Grande and Lea Michele, Nick will be part of the cast, though there are no further details available at this time.

He'll have to find time to shoot in between joining Iggy Azalea when he opens for her on tour later this year (we told you he's busy!), but we're totally excited to see what he has to bring to 'Scream Queens.' And we're definitely impressed with just how much Nick is able to take on at one time. What do you guys think? Can you multitask this well? Are you excited to see Nick everywhere this year? Because same.

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