We're seriously loving how candid and open Nick Jonas has been about pretty much everything lately. From letting us know he's no longer a virgin during his interview with Wendy Williams, to his seriously steamy sex scene in 'Kingdom,' we really feel like we're getting to know him more intimately than during his Jonas Brothers days. Of course, all of that seem to be a natural part of Nick's growing up process, so none of it is too surprising. Alright, we'll admit it: the sex scene was a little surprising.

Nick is certainly not shying away from his newfound sex appeal, and anyone who saw his photoshoot with Flaunt magazine can pretty much confirm that. In an interview with the New York Post, Nick goes on to admit that sex is a natural part of his life, and in order to have a normal, healthy relationship with it he's taken to being as honest as he possibly can be: "Sex is part of a healthy life. So I have tried to be, in my transition into adulthood, as honest with myself as possible with sex and sexuality and what it means to me, so I can try to be as healthful as I can.” Sounds like the right attitude to us!

When asked if he and girlfriend Olivia Culpo ever listen to Nick's music while they're, um, having relations, he quickly responded: "No, absolutely not, you can’t do that! That’d be so uncomfortable.” Well, Jason Derulo certainly disagrees with you on that one, Nick.

Check out the full interview over at the New York Post here!

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