It’s not too often that a former boy bander can reimagine his own image right before the public’s very eyes and go from squeaky clean to sex symbol seemingly overnight, but if anyone needs tips on how to do it right they should probably give Nick Jonas a call.

The Jonas Brother left the purity rings and Disney franchise behind, partaking in a totally salacious magazine shoot, starring in the television show 'Kingdom' that put Nick at the center of a steamy sex scene, and even getting totally candid in an interview with Wendy Williams about losing his virginity.

So, how exactly does Nick feel about his newfound sex symbol status? According to an interview with Kode magazine, he said, “I’m not sure if I’m the only [heartthrob], but it is definitely flattering to get this kind of attention. Moving forward, I think I’m going to keep my shirt on for a little while and let my music take center stage.”

We commend you on your effort to stay clothed, Nick, but we won't fault you if you can't follow through with it, either.

Whether you're celebrating or lamenting Nick's decision, you can check out the video above to see a behind-the-scenes look at the Kode photo shoot!

Nick Jonas + More Celebs Open Up About Losing Their Virginities