Nick Jonas released yet another song off his upcoming self-titled album (due out Nov. 11), and we are totally obsessed. The new song, titled 'Teacher,' is pretty cheeky in tone, as Nick sings: "It's like your mama never told you how to love / So let me teach you." Well, if you insist, Nick. I mean, have you guys seen his Details magazine photo shoot? What about his Flaunt magazine cover? Exactly.

'Teacher' is kind of a throwback to that late '80s/early '90s R&B-infused pop sound that we've all come to associate with the late, great Michael Jackson. In the same vein, it's reminiscent of a Justin Timberlake track that would've fit in perfectly on his debut album, 'Justified.' We seriously love the updated, slick pop that Nick seems to have going this era, and it's getting us super pumped up for his upcoming album.

What do you guys think of the flirty new single? Listen to it above and let us know whether you love it or love it!