We know that Nick Jonas and Usher can sing -- but how good are their game show skills? We're about to find out! Last night (Nov. 10), the two stars stopped by 'The Tonight Show' to play the Pyramid Game with Jimmy Fallon and Jeff Daniels.

In the first round, Usher teamed up with the 'Dumb and Dumber' star in an attempt to guess different types of dance moves. (Yes, twerking is on the list.) Considering Usher is an incredibly talented dancer, we felt pretty confident that he'd nail this category.

Next up, Nick had to guess gangster movies based upon Jimmy's clues. Unfortunately, that round didn't go quite as well.

With each teaming zipping through three rounds, it could be anybody's game. Will Nick make a comeback? Can Usher pull out a win? Will Jimmy correctly guess words that rhyme with "green"? Check out the Pyramid Game in the video above to find out!

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