Nick Lachey has been married to his love, Vanessa Minnillo, for two weeks and it looks like the couple are truly enjoying wedded bliss.

"It doesn't 
feel any different, which I think is a great thing -- I think that means it
 was good to begin with," Lachey tells People. "We're just very comfortable and happy in our life together, so now we are back to work and back to the routine."

The 37-year-old singer is prepping for the premiere of the third season of 'The Sing-Off,' which airs on Sept. 19, while Minnillo is gearing up for her new co-hosting gig on the messy and ridiculously hilarious game show 'Wipeout.'

"I am begging to go on that thing," Lachey says of the physical competition series. "I've asked her, 'When is friends and family day?' When they get into production on that in the fall, I hope to go out there and take a turn at it and get a little muddy."

Minnillo, on the other hand, isn't chomping at the bit to be on her hubby's hit series. Lachey teased that "on-stage is probably not the best fit" for his wife on the show. However, fans of the former 98 Degrees star can expect to hear new music from the vocalist soon. He adds, "Singing has always been my love."

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