Nickelback aren't going to let a mere 55,000 (and counting) angry people stand in the way of their Thanksgiving performance at halftime of the Detroit Lions NFL game. Their response to the anti-Nickelback online petition was to create a Funny or Die skit making fun of the outrage.

In the video, Paul Scheer plays a manager in crisis mode who tries to advise the group on how to overcome the backlash surrounding their Thanksgiving Day appearance. He tells the band, "Let's give Motor City that Motown sound that they love. You're no longer Nickelback; now you're the Four Nickels. We'll put you guys in matching suits and do synchronized dancing."

It would have been funny if the video cut to a shot of the guys wearing Motown outfits, but instead, Chad Kroeger declared the suggestion a horrible idea. Scheer then suggests the guys emulate famous Detroit residents Alice Cooper, Robocop, Tom Selleck and Dave Coulier, a request they reluctantly agree to.

This certainly isn't the funniest Funny or Die video we've seen, but it's cool to see that Nickelback have a sense of humor about their haters. Watch for them as they take the stage in Detroit on Thursday during the Lions-Packers game.

Watch Nickelback's Funny or Die Video