Polarizing pop rockers Nickelback are letting listeners try before they buy. Roadrunner Records reports that the band is streaming their entire new album, 'Here and Now,' on iTunes leading up to its Nov. 21 release.

'Here and Now' is Nickelback's followup to 2008's 'Dark Horse.' The Canadian rockers have released two singles to different markets on Sept. 26. Their track 'Bottoms Up' was sent to rock stations, where it perched comfortably on the No. 2 spot on the charts, while adult contemporary listeners were treated to 'When We Stand Together,' which is currently at No. 13 on the Hot AC chart.

This preview is probably a better promotional tool for the band than their scheduled and much maligned performance at the Detroit Lions annual Thanksgiving game. The band was famously uninvited from the event by fans in a petition -- but they're standing their ground and performing. Roadrunner Records points out that the performance is in support of the United Way, so hopefully fans -- while understandably frustrated at the omission of Detroit-bred halftime acts -- will come around.