Nickelback address the problems of the world in 'When We Stand Together,' the first single from their next album, 'Here and Now.'

Despite its somewhat gloomy subject matter, the song is very upbeat musically, with more beats per minute than the typical Nickelback song.

Foot-stomping drums and a lively acoustic guitar give the song a definite kick as frontman Chad Kroeger sings about public indifference to societal ills:

"One more depending on a prayer / And we all look away / People pretending everywhere / It's just another day / There's bullets flying through the air / And they still carry on / We watch it happen over there / And then just turn it off."

Kroeger makes a good point when he asks, "How can we fall asleep at night? / When something's clearly wrong / When we could feed a starving world / With what we throw away / But all we serve are empty words / That always taste the same."

The hook is a radio-friendly "Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah" chant that sounds tailor-made for audience sing-alongs in packed arenas. The "we can save the world" song template has been overused throughout the years, but on 'When We Stand Together,' at least Nickelback make it sound good.

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