Nicki Minaj is being more selective about which albums she is featured on -- she's not Snoop Dogg, appearing on every record that comes down the pike. She almost didn't participate in David Guetta's 'Where Dem Girls At,' which also features rapper Flo Rida.

Us Weekly chatted with both the pink-loving Minaj and Guetta, a European DJ who has worked with names like Rihanna and the Black Eyed Peas, about their collaboration. Minaj also spoke about getting on the road with Britney Spears, the energy of gay clubs and being choosy about features.

Guetta said he had been following Minaj's work, saying, "I thought she had an incredible flow and voice," while Minaj was similarly aware of Guetta saying, "I had been a fan of his big dance records -- of course I heard them in the car, in the club, everywhere. I had no idea that this man was behind any of these dope records."

Guetta tried to pair up with Minaj when she was finishing 'Pink Friday,' but she initially declined. When they eventually both wound up in Paris and met up, Minaj said, "I wanted to do a solo song, but he wanted me on a Flo Rida record and I said 'no I'm not interested' because I've been doing so many features. After he played the Flo Rida song I changed my opinion in 5.2 seconds and I was like 'Oh I am doing this song.'"

"It was just a feel good record. It sounded big and it felt great," she continues. "And next thing you know, I was back home in LA recording, 'Where Dem Girls At.' I changed the hook so it was from a female standpoint and I wrote my verse and the bridge and he loved it. I was just being crazy in the studio because if felt good. We might have a couple more surprises up our sleeves."

Minaj also said that she met up with future tour mate Britney Spears at a gay club. Recounting the experience, Minaj said, "Gay clubs have more energy, so when Britney walked in the room, there was a roar over the entire crowd. It was special for us to meet and take pictures there because this is our die-hard fan base. We can't wait to get out on the road. It's going to be super duper exciting. The club was loud so we didn't have an hour-long business conversation. We danced and had fun and in the blink of an eye, it was all over."

Speaking of business, Minaj did hint that maybe the two divas with perform together for a hot second on their tour, revealing, "We are in talks to hit the stage together but that is up to her. I would love to of course." A 'Pink Friday' tour is also in the works for 2012. Minaj will also be featured on Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV' and expects to appear on Drake's 'Take Care.'

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