Oh dear God. Now, we know that Nicki Minaj doesn't qualify as a "band," but we couldn't help but include this photo fail. We don't know if our minds are just in the gutter, but this photo makes us feel really bad for the Harajuku Barbie. Whoever placed that black tulle down there needs a swift kick in their own crotch.

There's no question that Ms. Minaj's face looks gorgeous in this photo, but problems arise in the nether regions. The black tulle on her skirt is so oddly placed, that it looks like she's sporting a merkin (that's a pubic wig for all of you who don't know... why are those even made?) instead of a fun ballerina skirt. Minaj looks like she's got a jungle of pubes, and it's especially prevalent offset from the jet-black locks atop her head.