It was definitely not a shocker when Nicki Minaj was named the Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2011 BET Awards. Even presenter Keri Hilson had to comment on the fact that the winner was, of course, Young Money's rap reigning princess.

Minaj was up against rappers Diamond, Cymphonique and Lola Monroe, who aren't too big on the mainstream scene as of right now. Minaj grabbed the hands of her Young Money dudes Drake and Weezy as she walked onto the stage to accept the award, wearing a black bobbed wig and a skin-tight dark pink dress with shoulder and skirt accents that looked like a '70s shag rug.

Minaj had a semi-poor choice of words during her opening sentence, unintentionally making a sarcastic-sounding remark when she said, "Wow I can't believe I won." When the audience began to laugh, she tried to back track, stumbling as she said, "No, no, no. Not like that!"

The 'Did It On 'Em' rap beauty then went on to explain her awkwardly funny intro, pointing at Lil Wayne when she said that last year when she won "this man right here ... was on Riker's Island"; she was overjoyed to share the award with the man who discovered her "rapping on a staircase."

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