Nicki Minaj took to her Twitter account to release a remastered version of 'Catch Me,' a track produced by Swizz Beatz that appears as a bonus track on the Best Buy edition of 'Pink Friday.'

"It’s a masterpiece from me and Swizz," Minaj said last year when describing the song. "It's a little singing, a little rapping, but it's like a different vibe. It's a moody vibe. It's just dope."

We have to agree with Nicki on this one. Rapid-fire drums and laser effects give 'Catch Me' an addictive, futuristic feeling. "Parallel to none, I am perpendicular," Minaj raps, but apparently one gentleman seems a bit indifferent about her:

"We was just chilling up at the ski loft / Thinkin' we was on, you telling me we off / Your whole vibe changed when you got that phone call / That's the effect they call a snow ball / Next thing you know, I was running down the hall / Saying, 'Please come back, I have given my all.'"

Though he doesn't seem entirely into her, Minaj is willing to wait. "Could you catch me? I am waiting on you to catch me," she sings. Minaj's voice never sounds desperate, even if her words might be.

Beatz doesn't actually do anything here except provide the beats, and that's more than enough. It's a testament to how good 'Pink Friday' is that 'Catch Me' didn't even make the cut for the standard edition. The song is yet another winner from hip-hop's hottest female.

Listen to Nicki Minaj, 'Catch Me'