File this under duets that need to happen ASAP! Nicki Minaj revealed that her -- and her Barbz's -- dream duet is with none other than the Queen B herself, Beyonce.

Minaj, who has collaborated with Bey's hubby, Jay-Z, said her fans are behind it if it happens. "My fans want a Beyonce collab. That's the only one," she told Capital FM.

The Harajuku Barbie's ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ features guests including Chris Brown, mentor Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, but Minaj's pop appeal would likely cross over well with Bey's fans. The 'Beez in the Trap' spitter recently explained how she chooses her collaborators. “I’ll do the song. I’ll play it back, listen to it over and over. And then it’s like organic. You know whose spirit is gonna feel right on what track.”

Minaj said that Jay-Z inspires her to persevere in the rap game, despite facing challenges based on her gender. "These little spats and these little issues, I rise to the occasion every time," she said. "A lot of girls want it, but they haven't been tested so much along the way."

"A rap battle, I could do that in my sleep now," Minaj scoffed at her haters. "I'm trying to get paper. I watch what Jay-Z did and I feel like if he could do it, I could do it. Just 'cause I'm a girl, doesn't make me any different." That's a sentiment we think the singer of 'Independent Women Part 1' could vibe with.