Nicki Minaj's title track to 'Roman Reloaded' debuted today. It's much different than the other tracks that have leaked so far from the album. Fans of older Minaj material will be thrilled.

The Harajuku Barbie spews her rhymes like venom at her critics. Addressing her reviews of 'Starships,' the lead single from 'Roman Reloaded,' Minaj fires off, "I guess I went commercial / Just shot a commercial / When I flew to the set though, I ain't fly commercial." Point taken, Ms. Minaj! She even shoots a line about her much-maligned Grammy performance: "You mad I brought the Grammys to the Vatican." Er, not quite, but we'll go with it.

The recurring theme and hook of the song is bangin'. Literally: "Bang / My click bang / Bang bang," Minaj says, loudly but flatly. Gun clicks are prevalent, as are references to violence: Minaj even drops a line about the Columbine massacre. Granted, the ever-eclectic Minaj also throws in lyrics about 'Basketball Wives' and Chris Bosh.

Lil Wayne makes an appearance as well, but since the track that leaked is a radio edit, most of his rhymes are obscured or blanked out for the explicit nature and language. From what we do hear, however, he flows nicely and provides a good foil to Minaj's loud, somewhat nasal tone. He even sounds breathless by the song's end, because keeping up with the female Weezy is hard, even for the actual Weezy.

The 'Roman Reloaded' single hits iTunes today (Feb. 24). Take a listen below!

Listen to Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne, 'Roman Reloaded'