Just in time for summer -- well, almost -- David Guetta dropped his video for the song "Hey Mama" that he did in collaboration with Nicki Minaj, Afrojack and Bebe Rexha.

The entire video is like a rave that wasn’t very well advertised so only a few people heard about it and showed up in the desert — but that’s all right, sometimes less really is more. There’s a whole lot of dancing and acrobatics taking place. We really have to hand it to the dancers in this video — if we were asked to do cartwheels and somersaults in even the most controlled of environments it would most likely end in disaster. And if we were asked to do the same in a desert environment it would most likely end in death, so kudos to everyone twirling and spinning about with wild abandon without even breaking a sweat.

Nicki Minaj, meanwhile, looks like an upgraded version of the Nicki we remember from when she first erupted onto mainstream radio — her cotton candy pink wig is an evolved version of "Super Bass"-era Minaj, and her black fishnet bodysuit is undeniably kickass. It may be Guetta’s track, but Minaj is absolutely in control. And that shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed anything she’s done over the past few years. Minaj is probably one of the few artists who could hold her own in a video with pop powerhouse Beyonce — which she did when they dropped the shock of the month with their “Feeling Myself” video yesterday (May 18).

Check out the video for "Hey Mama" above.

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