Put you number twos in the air, Nicki Minaj fans! The pink-painted rap queen released an Internet version of a video for her song 'Did It on 'Em.' Minaj produced the clip specifically for her fans.

The fast-paced video splices footage of Minaj performing, with her towering wigs, along with shots of her signing a variety of body parts of fans as she meets them before and after shows. Minaj doesn't discriminate; she signs cleavage, necks, wrists, you name it. Some fans are shown crying when they meet their heroine, too. It's a touching tribute to the fans that have made Minaj who she is and that's one of the brightest (quite literally) new stars in hip-hop.

The clip is an intimate, guided tour of life with Nicki Minaj and it's certainly a frenetic four minutes, with lots of action flying by on the screen. You see footage of Minaj in a variety of wigs -- Marge Simpson beehive, black, straight and banged like Bettie Page, platinum blonde -- along with lots of pink, prosthetic private parts and pastels! You'll feel like you are onstage or backstage with Miss Minaj, christened the new queen of hip-hop, which undoubtedly pisses off her nemesis Lil Kim, as you watch the video.

Shots from Minaj's array of artfully designed magazine covers and spreads pop up on screen to give the clip even more visual heft. The rapper's recent tour mate Lil Wayne is featured in random backstage scenarios, as is Drake, who is seen giving Minaj a piggyback ride. Minaj is wearing highly coveted, knee-high punk suede boots, leaving us wondering if she caught a ride on Drake's back because she couldn't walk! It ain't easy being a fashionista and a diva.

Watch the Nicki Minaj 'Did It on 'Em' Video