In the age of planking, coning and stocking, Nicki Minaj has inadvertently inspired a new Twitter trend called "fridging."

What, pray tell, does fridging entail? Well, thankfully, it's not about seeing how far one can toss a cooling unit to the tune of 'Super Bass.' Fans are actually posting photos of themselves in refrigerators to mimic a shot of the rapper that was featured in Glamour magazine.

The image shows Minaj, er, chillin' in a fridge, giving her best this-is-totally-normal face. Meanwhile, the shot has sparked a new meme that has fans posting their own "cool" fridge poses. But, according to the hip-hop star, there's a right and wrong way to do it.

"There's definitely a technique behind #fridging barbz. Get a closer look!" she tweeted on Tuesday with her original magazine photo as inspiration.

Fridging is a spin-off of the planking trend that even got stars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber lying down for laughs. This time around, the fad has attracted the likes of 'The Jersey Shore' star Snooki and Das Racist's Heems taking part by posting their very own ice-box pics.

Is fridging here to stay? Probably not, but for now it sure gives new meaning to "grabbing a cold one."