Nicki Minaj is a very colorful character in every aspect of the term. There's her celebrated love of the color pink, particularly of the bubblegum variety. There's her wigs that are often of every size, shape and shade. Her ensembles usually look like a toy box exploded on her, like the attire she wore to the 2011 VMAs (see photo No. 5 here for example).

When it comes to fashion, Minaj is a head-turner and a rule-breaker who does not shy away from cloaking herself in color -- and she lights up a room when she does so. However, in the October issue of Glamour, the human Barbie is featured in a high fashion spread that allows her to retain her love of color, but to use it in an entirely different way.

The pictorial is subdued, by Minaj standards, but still every bit as sassy. It's the 'Super Bass' singer just as bright, but a little more grown up!

With a blunt blonde bob and straight bangs as her one constant in the spread, Minaj shakes things up. She wears a white dress with black stars. She also rocks a striped, orange and blue top and skirt that is muted for her! Minaj is a lady in red in one shot, where her entire ensemble is a fiery hue; even her pantyhose crackle with color. It reminds us of when Lady Gaga donned an electric blue suit and heels earlier this summer. Minaj and Gaga are both such fashion iconoclasts that we'd love to see them raid each other's walk-in closets.

Flip Through Pictures From Nicki Minaj's Photo Spread in Glamour