It was a Pink Friday in Central Park, New York City this morning when the human Barbie Nicki Minaj graced the stage for the 'Good Morning America' summer concert series. In a cropped, bubblegum-pink vinyl jacket and a voluminous blonde wig atop her head, Minaj performed for a second with a turkey leg as as a prop, which she held in her hand and promptly took a bite out of. A girl's gotta eat, right?

Minaj, also wearing a clear, pink-trimmed plastic skirt, newsprint leggings, leopard print Wellie boots and a huge smile on her face, opened her bright and bold set with 'Where Them Girls At.' Surrounded by dancers, she jumped up and down and rapped her face off, clutching her pink jewel-encrusted microphone. Nicki is like a female Jim Carrey with her rubbery, contorted facial expressions, and when she performs, she has loads of fun.

In her interview segment, Minaj really lit up as she thanked her "darlings" for pushing her debut album, 'Pink Friday,' to platinum status in the year since its release. "I grew up in New York City, I never imagined myself playing in Central Park with a bunch of beautiful people like this. I am New York to the fullest," Minaj said, letting her New "Yawk" accent come out.

She called her tourmate Britney Spears "a queen" and said she wants to work with Madonna and Lauryn Hill, the latter of which she referred to as "my baby." She also made claims that she used to want to marry Hill. No, she's not saying she's a lesbian; she's just in love with Hill and her abilities!

Minaj also told her "Barbs" to never be lazy, to stay in school, to work hard and to be fearless, and revealed that once she wraps the Femme Fatale tour, she will begin work on her sophomore album.

Nicki then performed 'Moment 4 Life' after a pregnant pause, and her performance of the song showed that she can sing as well as she raps. She closed out her hyper-charged set with 'Super Bass,' which had all the kids in the front row rapping along and pointing their fingers. When the gospel singers and violinists joined her at the end of the song, Minaj sat on a huge blow up throne. Only in Nicki Minaj's candy-coated world!

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