The Summer Jam 2012 fiasco is well behind us now, but Nicki Minaj shed a few words on the June incident with U.K. radio personality Tim Westwood. Although it was an unfortunate situation that left thousands of Barbz disappointed, Minaj holds no grudges against the New York radio station.

"I'm a genuine person," said the Harajuku Barbie. "At the end of the day, in the last 18 months, I've sold 3.5 million albums worldwide. At a certain point you want respect. We are working hard."

"I feel like it happened and there is no animosity, I still love them over there at the station," she continued. "They've helped me a lot as well. It's not like we're walking around being angry, we just wanted to prove that one point and that was that. It's all love."

Minaj makes a good point that when Lil Wayne performed his acoustic pop hit 'How to Love' at the 2011 Summer Jam concert no one criticized him. She feels there is a double standard when it comes to women and men performers at Hot 97.

"The year before that Wayne performed 'How to Love' at Summer Jam," she says. "No one said anything. My thing is the guys do treat the guys different and maybe they feel Nicki Minaj is something to be played with."

"You have your opinions on radio and all that, but when an artist comes to perform you should just keep it to yourself, just for that one day," she finished.

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