Everyday is a bit like Halloween when you're Nicki Minaj. Although the rapper is known for her outrageous and extremely unique fashion choices, from Marge Simpson wigs to chicken wing necklaces and pom pom dresses, Minaj recently spoke to Ryan Seacrest about her actual Halloween costume for 2011.

On his radio show (via My Pink Friday), Minaj said, "Maybe I should dress up as a girl dressing up as Nicki Minaj. Maybe I just don't get it quite right that day. I don't know ... No! You know who I'm gonna dress up as? I'm gonna dress up as Lil Wayne." That will be a sight to see!

Here's what Minaj will definitely need to perfect for Weezy wardrobe. First and foremost, she needs to rock a gold grill. Secondly, Minaj will need to find a wig that looks like Tunechi's skinny and very long dreadlocks. Last of all are the clothes. The 'Super Bass' songstress will need some sort of skater swag combined with the perfect amount of hip-hop garb.

We can't wait to see Minaj dressed up as her homeboy Weezy! He should be Rick Ross! They can go trick-or-treating together and confuse the crap out of everybody.