After Nick Minaj initially denied reports that she was allegedly assaulted by a man at a Dallas hotel room Monday night (July 11), a police report has now surfaced explaining what really happened on that night -- and that it was her assistant.

According to a Dallas Police Department report obtained by the Dallas Observer, the rap diva got into an argument with Safaree Samuels -- who is often referred to as "Minaj's assistant" by the rap blogs -- in the pool area at the Hotel Palomar. Later, the argument escalated in Minaj's hotel room and during the squabble, Samuels picked up a suitcase and allegedly "shoved it across [Minaj's] chin and lower lip." Samuels then left the scene and never returned.

Hotel staffers called the paramedics who arrived and treated Minaj for a small bleeding cut on her lower lip. The rap star refused to press charges and firmly denied that she was not in a relationship with the alleged attacker.

Also, Minaj told another fib. According to the DPD report, Minaj is actually 28 years old and not 26 years old as she originally claims. Doh!

We finds it strange that Minaj would deny the incident via her Twitter page knowing that the police took down a report on the entire incident. Eventually, the truth will come out and it will look bad all-around.

However, there is no excuse for a man assaulting a woman allegedly or not, suitcase or not. We hope that Mr. Samuel gets reprimanded for the incident since he has been Minaj's closest confidant since her rise in the rap game.

And make this a lesson to all you celebrities out there -- don't lie on Twitter!

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