Nicki Minaj came up with a creative way to further bury the summer beef she had with Hot 97. As host of the radio station's Christmas Extravaganza (Dec. 25) at Webster Hall in NYC, she flashed lots of cleavage in a revealing and low-cut top, leggings and Christian Louboutin heels.

Minaj's girls looked like they were seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction, and were already spilling out of that too-tight top. The leading lady of YMCMB, the "B" of which should stand for "Barbie," showed off boobs that are a bit too round and a bit too huge to look like they were a gift from Mother Nature. Sorry, Nicki.

The all-black, bootay-licious outfit did hug every last one of her curves, top and bottom!

The stylista added a pop of color to her outfit -- not in her signature and favorite hue of pink but in red -- thanks to football player-style shoulder pads and almost heart-shaped glasses. The signature Louboutin heel and sole are always red, adding just a smidge of additional color. She also wore bright pink lipstick, which looks like her signature MAC shade.

Those strappy heels were quite the statement maker, with a price tag of nearly $1400, and while that's steep, it was a small amount of coin for the 'Freedom' rapper to drop. A diva is always in heels, no matter what the cost.

A diva will also show up on her own clock, as Minaj didn't arrive until 2:30AM. We're not sure we'd call that fashionably late, even if she did arrive in fashionable form. The rapper was the host of the event, but there was some confusion, as attendees thought she might have been performing, which lead to some boos.

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