What's going down backstage on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour? MTV asked her tourmates Nicki Minaj, Joe Jonas and Sabi to spill the details.

Minaj gave a wide-ranging answer when asked what she sees behind the scenes: "A lot of security, lots of salad, lots of cranberries and almonds, lots of dancers stretching." She added of the tour, "It's been epic. They have an amazing spirit, a great vibe. It's love every single night. I would not have traded this experience for anything else."

Sabi, a featured performer on Brit's song 'Drop Dead Beautiful,' offered another perspective: "It's crazy to see how wardrobe is rushed from one location to the next. If there's something wrong with a shoe, there's extra shoes. And dancers need massages. And the catering is not here 'til 5, so we have to go eat at 5:00, and everybody rushes to catering. It's pretty fun and hectic back here."

Jersey native Jonas had just joined the tour and was looking forward to taking the stage: "I'm very excited right now. I can't wait, honestly... I'm like everybody out there -- I'm a fan of Britney, so I think it's gonna be a fun show. And it's New Jersey, so it couldn't be more perfect."

The Femme Fatale Tour heads to Canada this week before returning to the Midwest. In September, the tour heads to Europe and South America.

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