This morning (April 6), Nicki Minaj stopped by the 'Today' studio in New York City to chat with host Matt Lauer about her new album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,' Madonna, and more. The songstress/rapper, who was clad in a blond wig, studded metallic hot pants and a cleavage-bearing black bra top, also performed her hit 'Starships' and her latest single 'Right by My Side,' and also hung out with reality star Kim Kardashian behind the scenes.

During her sit-down interview with Lauer, who pretty much admitted it was hard not to ogle the Harajuku Barbie in her skimpy costume, Minaj talked about her 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' partner Madonna and how much she admired her. "I feel like she's really changed and reinvented not only herself but pop culture. So, what inspires me about Madonna is that she's able to balance all of this with her family, her personal life, and I told her that. When we were rehearsing for the Super Bowl, I was like, 'How do you do this?' ... and she's a great mom. She's just everything." She also admitted to getting super nervous before her Super Bowl performance ("knees shaking, hands freezing cold"), since there were only about 100 million people about to watch her.

Ms. Minaj also discussed her new album, and how she isn't nervous at all about the release since she thinks it's her best effort yet. "This one, honestly, it's a better album. It's so much more well-rounded, it's way more songs, everything is so much more exciting on this album. So I don't have the jitters -- I'm really just excited to go touring. I'm about to start my world tour this year, and my fans across seas have been going crazy," Minaj told Lauer.

Later on, Minaj performed in the 'Today' studio, while tons of screaming Barbz gathered outside to watch. With pink lights on her and a group of female backup dancers and a DJ to support her, Minaj belted out 'Starships' while popping her bodacious booty and getting the crowd outside hyped. Minaj also did a live rendition of her new single 'Right by My Side,' which features Chris Brown. Although Breezy wasn't there for the love duet, Minaj showed off her singing abilities and held her own.

After the show, Minaj took to Twitter to post a picture of her and Kim Kardashian (who was at 'Today' to discuss various topics, including Kanye West's new song 'Theraflu' that is penned about her). The beauty in this picture is almost too much to handle, but Minaj comically wrote, "She's with ME now! Move back bugs!!!! Ahhahahhhahahahhahaha!!!!!!" Later on, Minaj tweeted, "My barbz outside of the Today Show just gave me sooo much life yo. WOW." Well, we're sure they'd like to thank you as well, Nicki, for kicking off the weekend with a bang!

Watch Nicki Minaj's Interview + 'Starships' and 'Right by My Side' Performances on 'Today'