Mega long and curled lashes? Check. A blunt, platinum blond bob? Check. A sexy pose? Check.

Nicki Minaj covers the new issue of Marie Claire, presumably the August 2013 ish, and the cover has leaked, featuring all of those visual elements.

Minaj strikes a pose in a bejeweled and embellished tartan red dress, sporting dagger nails and a chic, short blond bob that frames her face. Her wig stylist got it right with this one. It's such a sophisticated look for her.

The inside image features the rap vixen in a clingy, second skin black top that completely covers her, but is extremely hot being that you can still see the outline of her voluptuous lady lump. The top mimics a leather and lace pattern. She's also rocking extra-long, white blond locks with a black mohawk-like headpiece. It's a very punk rock look for the diva, and we like it.

We can sum up two of these images in one word: Hawt!

Marie Claire