Nicki Minaj's diva antics continued on full, unapologetic display in the second episode of her three-part 'My Truth' mini-series on E! But while the first episode didn't exactly paint the 'Starships' singer in the most flattering light, the second ep shows her better side. In addition to filming videos and recording with Lil Wayne, she also gives her side of the story and her take on her now infamous feud with Mariah Carey on the set of 'American Idol.'

She addresses her battle with Carey to Mack Maine, president of Young Money. "I had reached my boiling point, 20 minutes before that happened," Minaj said. "She egged me on." Minaj left the production to avoid a dustup. When she came back, there was "another jab" from Carey and she lost her you-know-what, and it made national news.

Minaj contends that Carey did not want another female doing the show and stealing her shine, and that the diva nitpicked her, likely because she was threatened by another strong woman's presence. "I don't do well with that passive-aggressive s---," she admits. While the rapper wonders throughout the ep if her diva attitude makes her come off like a b----, she declares she is no gangsta.

The rapper was also blindsided by Carey going to Barbara Walters, and saying she increased her security detail due to the rapper's threats. Her side of the story is that Carey was attacking her in passive-aggressive fashion. She seems to have put the fracas behind her, espousing her love for the producers and declaring that she will keep moving forward and that no one will run her off the show. End o' story.

We also watch her interact with Laurieann Gibson, former creative director of the Haus of Gaga. Minaj also lets us see her first rehearsal of new choreography, and she is hesitant to slide down a stripper pole. She doesn't feel graceful or athletic while doing so, but she conquers that fear quickly.

We accompany her when she heads to Miami to record with Lil Wayne. She calls him her "heart and soul," who she would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nicki the Diva has become Nicki the Cannibal!

Minaj's no-holds-barred personality is certainly on full display in Episode 2. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let people know it. While that might come off as a bit unsavory to viewers, we can't help but respect Minaj for her attention detail when it comes to her career.

The final episode airs next week.

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