If you blinked, then you probably missed Nicki Minaj's Twitter avatar which briefly featured her face Photoshopped onto an old (and rather unremarkable) image of Beyonce. The photo has since been removed from Minaj's Twitter page, but not before it was pointed out by a Beyonce tumblr run by astute, hawk-eyed fans.

Minaj's face was superimposed over Bey's in an image that's not particularly memorable. It was just a shot of Bey with her dark, brown hair falling in big curls and framing her face. If anything, it's as though Bey was aping Diana Ross' classic look. Minaj's photo boasts the exact same pose, as you can see a bit of the hand in both images.

We're not sure why this particular picture was used since it's not a classic, much adored image that Minaj was paying homage to by recreating. It was just a simple shot of Bey that isn't emblematic of an era of her life or career. So why the heck did Minaj or someone on her digital team feel the need to borrow it and crop and swap the faces?

That remains a mystery. Minaj has not made mention of this photographic gaffe. A new photo serves as her Twitter avatar and the other has been expunged. It's still a curious situation.

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