Nicki Minaj is truly a trend-setter, as the rapper has built a style all her own. Although her fashion choices sometimes leave some people scratching their heads, most have to admit that they love examining her wild wardrobe choices. In these Nicki Minaj pictures, PopCrush pays homage to all of the fashionista's clothing eccentricities.

While attending several shows at 2012 Spring Fashion Week in New York City, Minaj showed off a variety of colorful and cooky looks. At one event, Nicki donned a neon-colored dress decorated with furry pom-pom balls. She also was seen wearing a huge pink bow, a lion hat, and some wonderfully crazy shoes to match. Her outfits weren't the only things boasting big bold colors, as her hair changed from blue to blonde to pink throughout the week.

In the past, Minaj has also been seen wearing some interesting clothing. At the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Minaj looked like someone straight out of a comic book, sporting a metallic tutu-like dress with a stuffed animal chain and patterned mask. While performing on 'Today,' Nicki also showed off her eclectic style, as she sang and danced around onstage wearing a sea foam green midriff top and clear skirt with printed leggings.

Although Minaj tends to dress on the zany side, she has also worn some more reserved clothing in the past, including her denim street-look that she donned at a Samsung event in 2011. She also looked like a fierce Cat Woman look-alike at Christie's 2011 Green Auction in New York City, dressed in a skin-tight jumpsuit.

Scroll through these pictures of Nicki Minaj and her most memorable outfits and leave us a comment below letting us know which look you like best on the reigning rap diva.