Bow down to the bow queen! While at a fashion show in New York City, Nicki Minaj showed off her signature, wacky rap princess style. The rapper was seated next to model Elettra Wiedemann as she watched models walk the runway at the Prabal Gurung Spring 2012 fashion show. Minaj has been hitting up events at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and she is not afraid of rocking some very odd, yet very Nicki outfits.

At the Prabal Gurung runway show, Minaj rocked a pair of colorful printed tights, dark teal Mary Jane-ish heels, a grey and pink tutu skirt, and a purple and pink cropped top that showed off her cleavage. However, her actual clothing wasn't the most eye-catching, cooky part of her attire. What our eyes really gravitated towards was that massively distracting pink bow atop Minaj's pink and blond curly locks. What the heck is that thing? It looks like she snagged a role as Sally Field's sassy hip-hop friend in an episode of 'The Flying Nun.' Also, Minaj wore a hot pink pretzel necklace -- perhaps a tribute to her hometown of New York and their street vendors.

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