Nicki Minaj worked with some killer collaborators on her debut album, 'Pink Friday' — including high-profile hitmakers like Bangladesh, J.R. Rotem,, and Swizz Beatz — but her best creative chemistry might just have occurred with Kane Beatz, the Florida-based producer responsible for Minaj's smash 'Super Bass.'

MTV's Mixtape Daily chatted with Kane at the 2011 Hip Hop Awards, who revealed that he and Minaj are back in the studio together — and the results are "crazy."

Not that working for an overachiever like Minaj is always easy. "She wants hit records every time and she wants to be creative," Kane explains. "With Nicki, it's more about getting the music right and leaving her the room to be creative and leaving her room to do her." Kane also says that Minaj is "real selective" about her beats, which she hand-picks before beginning to compose lyrics.

Kane, who also had a hand in helming the album tracks 'Dear Old Nicki' and 'I'm the Best' on 'Pink Friday,' is keeping busy working with Roscoe Dash and Rick Ross on upcoming releases, but he says he's already got one track set up with Minaj -- though it remains to be seen if anything will rival the giddy pop perfection of their work on 'Super Bass.'

The runaway hit was originally only featured on the deluxe edition of 'Pink Friday,' but fan reception was so positive to the song that Minaj ended up releasing it as a single -- an unusual move for a bonus track. While stars like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have performed their own renditions of the track, Minaj has stayed characteristically prolific, appearing on recent collaborations like Drake's 'Make Me Proud' and Willow's 'Fireball.'

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