Viewers who tuned into TNT's 'Inside the NBA' on Thursday (Dec. 18) got a special treat: Nicki Minaj spitting rhymes with legendary baller (and one-time rapper) Shaquille O'Neal.

As the broadcast neared its end, the show's hosts challenged Nicki to a rap showdown. Kennie Smith, Grant Hill and Ernie Johnson did their best but were revealed to be clear amateurs by the time Shaq took the mic. The big man, who had a platinum album in 1993, enjoyed his time with the rhymes. Nicki loved every second of it, enthusiastically cheering him on.

When Nicki's turn came, she impressively performed a cappella, leading the guys to bow to her rap superiority. It's a lot of fun to watch her clearly having a blast. Check out a clip from the show above.

In other news, the rap diva has announced that her next single off new album 'The Pinkprint' will be the Beyonce collaboration 'Feelin' Myself.'

“Radio has really gravitated to their own songs, like I'm guessing 'Feelin' Myself' is the next urban song," she said on Hot 97. "They picked it on their own."

The track had leaked several days before 'The Pinkprint' was officially released on Dec. 15.

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