Miley Cyrus, her new sound and new style have been polarizing for fans and fellow celebs. What does the outspoken, always opinionated (and vocal about it) Nicki Minaj think about Cyrus?

Turns out it's a love fest. Minaj gushed about how much she digs Cyrus, saying, "OMG! Miley is sooooo cute, and every time I see her, I say again and again that she is so damn cute and down to earth. I really love her."

Minaj also loves Cyrus' cray cray, bizarre new video for 'We Can't Stop,' saying, "She looks very sexy and sassy in her new video. I love it! I love her new look, she is really all grown up."

That's three loves -- we told you it's a love fest.

Minaj, who rocks a different hair color and length on a daily basis thanks to her wig stylist, also hearts Cyrus' punk pixie haircut, which has divided her fans and style and fashion critics.

"I love that she cut her hair. Some people were iffy that she cut it, but I love people that have the balls to do whatever they want," Minaj said.

Finally, the rap vixen also loves Miley's twerkability, saying, "I can tell now Miley is really developing into her own self ... I love her twerking moments. That's what is all about being an artist."

That's three more "loves" from Minaj. Got that, Miley? Her Minajesty loves you. She really loves you.