Fresh off the VMA carpet, where she won for Best Hip Hop Video, Nicki Minaj dropped her brand-new video for 'Fly,' which also features fiery-haired songstress Rihanna. The clip, which was previewed on the black carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, marks Minaj's fifth video off of her 'Pink Friday' album.

Unlike the bright, vivacious video for 'Super Bass,' Minaj has transported viewers to a post-apocalyptic world in 'Fly.' Pulling up in a black sports car, Minaj steps out in a world of rubble, ruin, ash and smoke as Rihanna begins to sing the chorus of the song. Minaj wears a 'Mad Max'-inspired pink leather dress, equipped with wires and spikes as if she has been battling her way through the desert as a nomadic warrior. Her partner in crime, Rihanna, shows up shortly after, wearing her red hair pin-straight as she and Minaj strut around the abandoned town.

Throughout the clip, it seems as if the most interesting part are the ladies' outfit choices. The whole "the world has been destroyed and we are the only people left" theme is a bit humdrum nowadays, but Minaj and RiRi keep us captivated with their interesting wardrobes. In one part, the Harajuku Barbie dons a leopard-printed wig and battles a band of ninjas while wearing a rump-hugging white bodysuit and a black and white, Cruella de Vil-esque mohawk.

At the end of the clip, vines and pink flowers begin to sprout from crashed airplanes and burned up cars as the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, ending a cliche with yet another cliche. However, if you want another excuse to stare at the ever-gorgeous Rihanna wearing hip-hugging outfits and the always-eccentric Minaj duking it out with black-clad combatants, look no further!

Watch the Nicki Minaj 'Fly' Video Featuring Rihanna