Nicki Minaj had no worries about falling victim to the sophomore jinx when she recorded 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.' She told the crew at Z100 this morning that making her second album, which hit stores yesterday, was a blast.

"This one was so exciting to make. I felt like this one, I was so much more seasoned. I created an album with all of the different facets of my personality. You got the hard stuff, the Queens girl, and you got the dance records like 'Pound the Alarm' that RedOne did, which I was so excited to do. And then you have some of the 'I hate men' songs like 'Fire Burns.'"

'Roman Reloaded' features guest artists like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. She explained how she chooses who to collaborate with. "I'll do the song. I'll play it back, listen to it over and over. And then it's like organic. You know whose spirit is gonna feel right on what track." Minaj was thrilled to get Nas on the track 'Champion,' since he doesn't do a lot of collaborations. The one big name that eluded her was Lauryn Hill, who Minaj also wanted on the song.

For someone with such a cool wardrobe, Minaj made an interesting revelation. "I hate shopping. But I like when people bring me stuff and I look through the racks, and I pick cute stuff ... I like to get a lot of stuff, and choose like one thing every five racks."

Minaj also mentioned that some of her fans were mad that her the album was released first in the U.K. and Australia, leading her to lightheartedly label her U.S. fans as "too spoiled."

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