Where's the Nicki Minaj video for 'Starships' at you asked? Chill Barbz, it's coming soon. Especially since her second album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' hits shelves tomorrow (April 3). Minaj told Capital FM recently that the video is still in post-production, but she insists that it's well worth the wait.

"I'm freaking out because the video is taking way too long," she says. "When it comes out it's going to be very saucy and very exciting and it's going to be lots of fun and probably going to be my best one yet."

Three weeks ago, photos from the video set were leaked and it showed Ms. Minaj wearing a pink bikini and high heels on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. The Young Money starlet describes the video as a "feel good" clip with plenty of visuals from the island. "Well, I went out to Hawaii and I met a lot of beautiful Hawaiian men that were so amazing -- I just didn't want to leave," says Minaj. "We shot the video on the beach, we shot the video in the mountains. It was just dope, the scenery was amazing."

"You can expect to feel like, you know what, let's get out the bikinis," she adds. "Let's go and have a good time. A shout out to everyone on spring break right now. It's just one of those records that feels good and the video compliments that."

We can hardly wait. Nicki Minaj's video for 'Starships' should be premiering on video channels this week.