It's time for the Pink Friday remix, but we're not talking about a Nicki Minaj song, mind you. We're talking about her perfume! Her first scent Pink Friday is getting an upgrade and its own special edition. It will hit counters in April.

Hey, if an album can get a special or deluxe edition treatment, why can't a fragrance enjoy the same?

The "new" Pink Friday is a fruity floral, with berries and flowery notes, mixed with grapefruit, white raspberry, and caramelized pear, among others. Yeah, we're drooling, since it sounds so delish and sniffable at once, doesn't it?

The new bottle features the same silhouette of Minaj's head, bust and hair, but it's frosted and the pink wig is now white. Minaj is always changing her hair and her look, so it stands to reason that she would change up the bottle for her debut scent to go along with the new formulation.

"My fascination with changing my look is a way to express myself creatively," the rap vixen said. "Pink Friday, my first fragrance, is a reflection of me. While introducing a unique collectible bottle, I wanted to give my Barbz a special edition fragrance to wear, adding a bit of dimension and playfulness to the original scent."

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