Nicki Minaj performed 'Starships' on the elimination episode of 'American Idol' tonight (March 29), arriving in a pink spacecraft, of course.

Surrounded by a troupe of dancers, the pink lover wore a shredded, bedazzled-looking dress with an asymmetrical hem and a blonde wig. She was colorful as usual. But we were terrified she would have a wardrobe malfunction since her dress was incredibly low cut and her girls were bouncing around and quite visible during her high octane performance. 'Starships' is such a fun song, and this performance had us bobbing on the couch.

However, when the queen of the Barbs threw her hands above her head and started grooving, we braced for impact, since it seemed inevitable that one of the twins would manifest unexpectedly. But as far as we could tell, the first lady of hip-hop didn't suffer form a nip slip (though she even seemed to know she came close!). Whew! There was no repeat of her 'Good Morning America' performance last summer.

Minaj told Ryan Seacrest, post-performance, that she wants to come back and be a guest judge, asking J Lo to scoot over and let her have a seat. How freakin' cute. Could you imagine her ensembles and her commentary for the 'Idol' hopefuls? It'd be another reason to tune in.

Watch Nicki Minaj Perform 'Starships' on 'American Idol'