There's hasn't been much information forthcoming about Nicki Minaj's second LP 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.' But that hasn't stopped the 'Super Bass' rapper from sharing the recording process with her Barbz. On Friday (Dec. 6), Minaj went on her Twitter page to inform her tweeples that she was recording a song with a big-name artist.

“Just got some heron from one of ur fave artists," she teased without disclosing her secretive collaborator. "In the studio shakin' my f---in head right now. WOW. Roman Reloaded. Like. Yall will fcn spazz.” Minaj later dropped one clue about her mystery guest. “Never worked w/’them’ b4,” she hinted.

We can't imagine who this could be, but it must be a group of some kind since she said, "them." This must have been a last-minute recording session since she has roughly a month to go before 'Roman Reloaded' invades stores on Valentine's Day. Way to burn that midnight oil, Minaj!

In the meantime, the Grammy-nominated artist can rejoice in the fact that she is the most-followed rapper on the Internet. According to This Beat Goes, Minaj has 8.2 million followers watching her every tweet. She just squeaked past the reigning Twitter champ Eminem who has 8.1 million tweeples, so far. Minaj will mostly likely leave Em in the dust once she drops her new album.

Not only is Nicki Minaj ruling the music charts, she's also taking over the virtual world. Go Nicki!