Nicki Minaj is one well-endowed woman. OMG, she has some perfectly round and large globes attached to her chest!

The rap diva/ glamazon/ 'American Idol' judge showed off some of her assets in a fluorescent, cut out swimsuit while frolicking in a pool on the set of her 'High School' video. Splish splash.

She posted the shots on Twitter, sharing: "On the set of High School ft. Lil Wayne."

The pics are so hot that you will need to dive into the nearest ice cold body of water --shower, lake, whatever -- or go polar bearing in order to cool off. The Queen of the Barbz is scorching in these shots.

Minaj is certainly spilling out of her top, which is likely intentional. Not much can contain her twins, and she was showing off a handful. While she is perhaps best known for her badonkadonk, she's switched gears and lets her boobies be the focus for once, at least in this video and in these on-set photos.

The swimsuit was cut in all the right places, too. It displayed just the right amount of her creamy, mocha skin.

Minaj's platinum blond locks and lashes-for-miles add to her extra sexy look in these pics.

They make you want to go for a swim.


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